Stephen J. Nickel, Founding Partner and President

Steve is responsible for key client relationships and for the overall strategy of the company’s commission structure designed to motivate the sales team and fuel the company’s revenue and profit growth, as well as for growing the sales organization by attracting the best talent in the industry. Steve specializes in legacy blade technology used by key commercial and federal clients. Steve joined the company in 1995 and as one of the original founders of the company, Steve’s “first love” of the job continues to be hustling and doing deals. Steve started his career with American Computer Resources in 1985 where he focused on large project sales. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Connecticut State University. In his free time, Steve enjoys playing hockey, fishing and cooking. Steve lives in Rowayton, Connecticut with his three daughters.

Direct: 203-567-7540


Jay Efinger, Founding Partner and Vice President of Operations

Jay joined MFP in 1995 and currently oversees day-to-day operations to support the company’s business and add to the bottom line of the organization on a global basis. Jay holds key client relationships, including large OEM contracts in the US and in Europe. Having started in the information technology industry in 1985 selling computer hardware, Jay has more than 30 years of experience in product sales and business operations. As co-founder of MFP, Jay helped lead the company through start-up, survival and growth modes. Jay holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Connecticut State University. In his free time Jay enjoys sports including playing golf and paddle tennis. He lives in Easton, Connecticut with his wife and three children.

Direct: 203-567-7510


Christopher A. Nickel, Founding Partner and Vice President of Sales

Chris is responsible for overall sales performance of the company on a global basis. He also oversees product purchasing and inventory management. Chris started his career in computer trading in 1985 with American Computer Resources, which had locations in the USA, Australia and Europe where he rapidly became the international sales manager. Chris joined MFP in 1995 becoming one of the original founders of the company and has been instrumental in developing the company’s buy and sale strategy. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Connecticut State University. He enjoys off shore fishing, playing hockey, cooking and traveling.  Chris lives in Easton, Connecticut, with his wife and his youngest son; his two other children have left the nest.

Direct: 203-567-7550

Mike Thorne, Company Partner and Managing Director

Mike Thorne joined the company in 2001 starting his career in the tech department where he worked on highly specialized system reconfigurations, as well as handling ever growing operational and logistical challenges. Mike later transitioned into the sales organization where his technical background and logistical expertise allowed him to rapidly get established as a trusted advisor, selling information technology solutions to his clients. Mike became a company partner in 2008 and since then has held key client relationships on a global basis. Mike has been instrumental in managing the trading business model to fuel the company’s revenue and gross profit margin growth. In his free time Mike enjoys spending time with his family and traveling the world. Mike currently lives in Shelton, Connecticut with his wife and two children.

Direct: 203-567-7530

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Gretchen Nickel, Company Partner and Chief Financial Officer

Gretchen Nickel is an accomplished operations and finance executive focused on continually reinventing and growing organizations. With more than 30 years in the financial services, technology and real estate industries, Gretchen brings a diversity of international business experience having worked in consulting, investment banking, start-ups, middle market and multinational public companies.  Gretchen holds an MBA in Finance and International Business, and an BS in Finance from the University of Connecticut. She currently resides in New York City with her husband.


Julio Mendoza, Chief Operating Officer

Julio is responsible for financial, administration, information systems and warehouse operations for the company. Julio first joined MFP in September 2009 and until 2015, then he rejoined the company in 2017. Julio has held multiple positions in finance and administration and was previously the company controller from 2009 through 2013. Before joining MFP Julio worked for ESPN as accounting manager, and for Webonise, where he was the company CFO. Julio holds a bachelor’s degree from the university of Hartford, Connecticut. He enjoys baseball (Yankee fan) and traveling. Julio resides in Cheshire, Connecticut with his family.

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Edgar Delaflor, Vice President of Business Development

Edgar joined MFP in 2017 with responsibility for the company’s strategy and execution of initiatives to grow the company on a global basis. Edgar spent a quarter century with IBM holding sales leadership roles in leasing, hardware and services, on an international basis, including the United States, Europe and Mexico. Edgar serves as a Board Member and Secretary for The Undies Project, a non-profit organization that serves the underprivileged. He has an MBA from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico and a BBA from the same university. Edgar enjoys spending time with friends and family and is an avid Formula 1 fan. Edgar currently resides in Cos Cob, Connecticut with his family.